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Hi,we are Design Crumble  a small team of 4  living in a world where design is not an option; we just have to do  it.  We’ve had more than 5 years to learn from mistakes and build from them. We develop brands in such way that they cannot pass unnoticed to the everyday person. In our line of work, we find it crucial for all brands to communicate effectively with its audience; Although their audience may be from different countries, we all speak the language of design and its our job to make sure my clients understand their audience and their audience understands their brand. A great Logo should be able to tell the same story no matter how the viewer perceives it. We don’t know everything about design but we know its important to Understand how a great design works and having the ability to show others the importance of a well thought out, beautiful design.Check out our Design Crumble on behance.

Web Development

Anybody can set up a website—but we build strategic, engaging websites that instantly reinforce credibility, communicate established messaging to intended audiences, and ultimately converts users into customers.


Branding combines marketing strategy with intuitive creativity.The mystery ingredient for the creation of compelling brand communications relies on developing a ‘personality’ that the target audience emotively connects with.

App Design

Native, web, or hybrid—we design customized, polished web/ios/android applications for startups and enterprise clients. Whether the goal is selling products, collaboration, spreading news, or pushing the app as a product itself, every app undergoes the same extensive strategy and research as web projects.


An illustration could range from; a character design all the way to a massive poster design. Its more a form of conceptual art that’s created to quickly catch the eye of your target demographic. An amazing illustration is able to portray many messages or portray one strong statement.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design allows us to build sites that provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices—whether you’re on a smartphone or a 27” monitor. It allows easy reading and navigation without the drudgery of resizing, panning, and scrolling or the time and expense of building customized mobile apps for the major platforms.

Power of Designers + Developers

Having the designer and developer talk means that they can bounce ideas off of each other and find the best solution to each problem. The designer might have ideas that the developer hasn’t thought of and the developer might have suggestions about functionality that the designer didn’t know was even possible.

Our Skills



Graphic Design


Responsive Web Design


App Design


Wordpress Web Development


"Great action-add on. I had the same Problems like Len Chapman. But DesignCrumble helped me very quick so i could start it. And the result of my pictures is great."

− Janine Kelm on Dispersion Kit

"Very interesting to earn a time on your work. At the end, you have only to adjust the effect and miracle is done ...:)"

− Jean Bernard Thiele ,

"Support was prompt and thorough."

− Glenn Abelson
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We Are Designers. We Are Innovators. We Are Design Crumble.

Here’s the whole thing in a nutshell – A potential customer or consumer for the first time is most likely attracted by how the product looks or how it is displayed rather than its functionality, it is the point where design plays the part. Make it look good and you are bound to see the numbers.Now once you have your customers/consumers you can make them your favorite seller/producer with your functionality or service. We at Design Crumble mainly focus on the the conversion rates that our clients will like. Come Join Us and feel the difference.

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