Apple set to release Stylus named Apple Pencil for iPad Pro

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  • September 9, 2015
Apple Pencil

Apple announced a new stylus into the market Apple Stylus

Sir Jonathon Ive took the audience with him into apple’s special journey today at the Bill Graham Theater,San Francisco as he announced the all new Apple Pencil. Lets take a look at some of the pictures that are coming out straight from the event. Image Courtesy : The Verge

iPad Pro should be a savior to the iPad market

While they are also releasing the iPad Pro (starting from 799USD) this November. Apple should right now be considered about the already existing stylus.While many people are already comparing the existing Stylus market , Apple had these features to boast about :

  • Recharges using Lightning port that connects into iPad Pro
  • Pressure sensitive stylus
  • App support from Procreate, YouMake, iOS 9 apps
  • Unique stylus tip can be used with your finger as well

Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro

Apple’s new iPad pro should give a good boost to the iPad Pro market.Now apple ipad
Smart Keyboard, a physical keyboard that works worth iPad Pro.

  • Keyboard case made for the larger iPad
  • Connects with new 3-port Smart Connector for landscape typing
  • Features fabric-covered keys

The iPad Pro’s larger screen is large enough to run full-size iPad Air apps with space side by side. It boasts 5.6 million pixels, which is even more pixels than 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display.
The larger screen also allows for a full-size software keyboard, with will make typing easier. The iPad Pro also takes advantage of new features in iOS 9, including side view, picture in picture, and multitasking.

The Next Web reports :
When listening to music or gaming, the iPad Pro will playback sound using four different speakers, from which it will select the optimal configuration depending on whether the tablet is in landscape or portrait mode.

Lets hope that Steve’s company keeps on growing and introducing features like Force Touch and more to keep us engaged !!

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